masked out

masked out
Saturday, 23rd January 2010

a fine ex-Agong was buried on a royal cemetery today. may his excellency rest in peace.

got the chance to hang out with my family today. went shopping and burned RM200 of my savings :) giler! in one day i can spend RM200 just like that. but, the goods were all good.

oh! and you can buy Beadxels as keychains and neckchains now! just add RM1 for the keychains, RM3 for the neckchains. and these are the new price for the Beadxels:
  • Small Beadxels - RM5 each
  • Medium Beadxels -RM7 each
  • Large Beadxels - RM8 each
i'll make a post about this later.

melon wears:
  • Decoratice Mask (Sungei Wang)
  • Grey & Black Stripey Long Cardigan (EDC by Esprit)
  • Yellow One Eyed Graphic Tee (Times Square)
  • Yellow Plastic Belt (Brand's Outlet)
  • Cute Face Beadxel
  • Black Leather Skinnies (ROMP)
  • Yellow Sox (Soxworld)


farmifahmi said...

mein, if thunderbolt neckchains + small = berape yek?

mein melon said...

replied on ur blog ;)