Thursday, 21st January 2010

too colourful? nott!

had my first Theatre class today. no, i didn't plan to wear like this just because i had a Theatre class. i just like mixing things up. to be honest, i would never ever thought i'd find myself in an acting class. it's ACTING class la giler! why did u sign up la mein?? i wanted to take TaeKwondo for my co-co but, it's clashing with my Corporate Identity subject. but, today was fun! we had to think of a machine and act like one! i was a Driller! it's too obvious though.. well, i can't think of any better.. then all the machines had to be combined and create a new kind of machine! our group created a Puzzle Making Machine! hahaha sronook~!

still.haven't.watch.Glee! haih.. addicted to song, btw.

melon wears:
  • Pink Nyonya Kebaya (Emas Sutera)
  • Floral Tunic (Nichi)
  • Rainbow Ice Cream Beadxel
  • Pink Opaque (Momoe')
  • Rainbow Knitted Flats (Vincii)

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