what i want, i'll get 'em!

from Design You Trust

this year, i'll strive for everything i want! will post bout my new year's resolution tomorrow :)

meanwhile, i'm thinking about posting pictures of my everyday wear. just for my own personal record.. when i have my own kids, nanti deorg bley tengok, "ooo~ camni Mummy pakai dulu2.." keh keh keh! n i'd be able to see my transformation throughout the years..

please vote for it on the above poll, aite! if no one wants to see it, there's no point for me to post it..


.aisyah.adam. said...
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.aisyah.adam. said...

aha! go for it! nnt i ada cucu cicit i blh suh derang tgk blog u for inspirations :D jgn pakai mcm lady gaga dah la! *muppet costume*

KIM said...

hye Melon! I think you should post it. Seriously, it would be fun :)

mein melon said...

haha! ok laydiess~ thanx a lot! i'll post em :) but only the good ones..