Wednesday, 10 February 2010

arini buat MI ngn Ecah sampai x g class MI :p~ fun glerr! but, when we finally did sampai MMU, Mdm. Nana x bg consult plak.. hmm.. a bit of disappointment there coz we've put all of our efforts the whole day and nite buat bende tu tapi x bley consult plak. neways, can't wait till the whole dollhouse's finish! i'm pretty sure Ecah's gna post the making of the doll house on her blog later on. keep an eye on it!

melon wears:
  • Orange Thin Headband (Chamelon)
  • Ruffle Tiered Dress (Emas Sutera)
  • Brown Knitted Long Cardigan (somewhere in China)
  • Black Opaque (Momoe´)
  • Black Gladiator Flats (Nose)

frens reflected


.aisyah.adam. said...

sleepover yg best! :D
sorry i tertido though,must be the air-cond,sedap sgt >.<
weeeeeeee! <3 <3

mein melon said...

keh keh keh! kesian air-cond... :p~