8th Ferbuary 2010 - leopan

haven't update what i wore fo a while.. so, here's one! i've put last week's pictures on my FB. i don't wna put em here coz i don't wna waste my Photobucket space..

today, me n Ecah skipped a couple of minutes for Media Law coz we went and buy stuff we needed for MI TVC shooting. yayy! dah beliii bley buat doll house! oops.. i gave a clue away already.. nevermind, just wait for our video, aite! it'll be awesoooommmeee!! and cute!

melon wears:
  • Purple Leopard Tank Top (Cotton On - thanx Ammar!! :D)
  • Purple Knitted Long Cardigan (Wangsa Maju)
  • Grey Skinnies (Sungei WAng)
  • Purple White Stripey Crocs (pasar malan kat Putrajaya)
  • Red Bag with Belt Strap (Klang)
  • Ice Cream Beadxel
  • Purple Bow Headband (Chameleon)

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