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took a short trip around the blogomosphere just now after 3 days disappearing from it. turns out most of my friends didn't post anything at all this 4 days holiday. my guess is that they are having a really busy or fun holiday. i mean, it WAS Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day. oh, before i forget, Happy Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day :)

my other theory for this (why people don't really want to be online or update their virtual life on the net on holidays) is because, well for me, it's the holiday la weyh.. i don't want to be cling on to my Cami when i can enjoy my life at home, watching all the movies and tv shows i can watch, doing nothing for the whole freaking FOUR DAYS! i have no shame on doing that because for the past 3 years, i've been spending my days doing works that introduces me to headaches, acne, oily face, dandruff, major stress tumor in my brains that i've never ever get to endure when i was in high school! so, i earn the right to just lay down on my comfy cushy sofa and watch all the sappy cheesy romantic comedy movies on Star World and HBO for this FOUR DAYS. "oooh, it's the Valentine's Day.. we must show only love stories on our channel.." probably that's what they're thinking when it comes to Valentine's Day. do you even know what Valentine's Day means....?? well, i don't even wna go there sebab bosanla cter psal Valentine's Day ni. some of us don't even celebrate this so-called lovey-duvey day. speaking of Valentine's Day, have you watched the movie "Valentine's"?? well, for one, the title's stupid. number two, today's love story have to just evolve around sex and predictable "i must chase that oh-so-incredible-beautiful-no-one's-like-her-in-the-world-girl or my life would be ruined" storyline, is it? coz that's what i saw in that movie. although, Ashton Kutcher still remains "the most romantic and funny actor of romantic comedy ever" in my heart :) and the movie's trailer's SHORT and SUCKS!

as a matter of fact, i don't get to just lay down doing nothing on my comfy couch, focusing on what's gna happens next in "What Happens in Vegas" coz i'm having this stupid never ending flu + cough + sore throat + fever while doing MI's storyboard and sketching the campaign's logo. not that i don't wna do it, it's just painful, you know. being sick and have to go through this sem and all. I HATE BEING SICK!!! although, it kind of give me the chance to redeem my past sins and have the opportunity of getting something good out of this bad circumstances. i know it's ujian from God and i have no other choice to get through it but, IT'S SOOOOO ANNOYING!!! i wna get better and do my works without having to wipe off my flu sliming down my nose all the time.

i talk and feel crappy when i'm sick. so, deal with it! AARGGHH!!

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