it's my mom's birthday today and she still doesn't sit at home and relax. she's a very hardworking woman. i gave her a card on hers and Ateem's recent birthday party that we did in Emas Sutera. i told her "for the bounderies you've made me break, for the path you've lid up on my way, Happy Birthday Mom. You're the coolest person ever!"

well, the last one was already written on the card.. just because it does, doesn't make it not true.. ok, another quoted from Tropic Thunder..

more pictures on my Facebook!


.aisyah.adam. said...

last picture so sweet :D

HAPPY BIRTHDAY mak mein and ateem!
*rindu jadi kakak tiru u hahah!*

mein melon said...

hehehe! nanti i ckp kt deorg u wish.. oh, i tink u mean kakak tiri hehehehheh..........