boothy call

uuh.. pagi2 macam ni hanye title tu yg dapat difikirkan.. righ tnow, MIans probably ngh ssibok buat 3D exhibition booth and 3D website for MI crit session tomorrow, including us.. sian Syira x dpaat gune PC dea coz i'm using ti :p sorry Syrr...

did these for 2 days already.. x abes2 gak model.. ape nk jadi ni.. these are what i did so far, not much textures yet, just polygons.. it's the booth for Save Electreecity Campaign.

Exterior - the booth is placed inside a dome so that the booth's surrounding will be dimmed. adela sebabnye.. dah siap nnt bgtau..

About Booth - where people learn about the campaign. the campaign's logo will be placed on the board yg extruded kt blakang tu..

Products Booth - people can buy a bear-shaped energy saving light bulbs to support the campaign and reduce global warming. these are the big bulbs which can be a table lamp.

Product Display - these are the small energy saving light bulbs. it comes in 4 colours. nanti nk buat d light bulbs tu glow~

ade lagi 2 parts of the booth yg blom siap model..


YobSumo said...

sebab yang hitam tu nak serap haba pastu jadikan electric untuk lampu2 dalam tu kan? hahaha.

ok aku teka je.

ilif said...

wao lawa la even tho belum letak texture semua. 3dsmax ke?

mein melon said...

@syahir oy mne adela.. haha.. sebabnye... we're doing electreecity campaign.. so xnkla gune byk2 lights sgt.. we wna mke d environment a bit dim..

@ilif thanx! yea.. lpas ni korg tgk yg dh ltak texture ek..