boothy call.. again :p~

yaayy! crit dah lepas.. these are the final, well not really a final look but, it's what we've presented to our lecturers.. lighting dea gelap sket sebab x banyak taruk.. if taruk banyak2 lambat nak render coz smlm we were rushing.. n smlm x dpt nk render image from banyak2 angle.. more pictures and stories on the jump!

Exhibition Profile - ni Ecah buat.. it explains the flow of the exhibition, where should people go to first and what they can do next..

Save Electreecity Booth Front View - the booth have 4 parts like in the Exhibition Profile. yang kat tengah2 tu Pylon where we'll put the campaign's logo on top of the big bulb. our lects said bulb tu mcm plek.. haha..

the crit was at 2.30pm which starts at around 3pm.. we were late for 1 hour but, ktorg masuk2 je time ktorg plak present.. haha.. best2.. we've gotten quite a good review about our works.. just some of things yang kne brush up and betolkan.. our presentation was quicker than we thought it'll be. but, come to think of it, our presentations, consultations sume macam cepat giler abes tatau kenape.. tapi bagusla kan :p~

Booth Exterior - kenape ade dome bulat itam tu yea? coz we wna make a dim surrounding inside the booth. nanti dea cam romantic sket la.. we don't wna encourage people to use lots of electricity, that's the whole point about the campaign. but, nanti kat dalam tu adela lampu2 kecik and big screens to light up the dome.. the booth will be placed on a large-spaced ground kat tepi Pavilion ke.. mne2la asalkn tempat tu cm besa sket..

Learn Booth - people can find out about the campaign here. nampak tak the bulat2 thingies kat atas tu? nanti nak tampal tips on how to be greener in your home at each of the bulat2 thing..

Exchange Booth - people can bring in 5 of their used light bulbs and dump them on the bins there and get a goodie bag of FREE bear-shaped light bulbs and other stuff for an exchange!

Merchandise Booth - where you can get energy saving light bulbs and table lamps.

Merchandise (Energy Saving Table Lamps)

Interactive Activity Booth - a platform for games and stuff

Arcade Game Machines - bley maen questionnaires! but, we're gna make a new one coz this one x cantik sangat..

lepas abes je crit, me, Ecah, Nad, Yaya and Capix pegi Sungei Wang cari dress and accessories for ACMA! oh, i was the only one yang xde dress lagiiii orang laen sume dah ade.. tinggal cari accessories je.. so kesian deorg kne tunggu i go around up and down Sungei Wang cari dress.. hehe.. thanx korang :) ha ni i taruk smileys banyak2 :) :) :) hehehehehe... stakat ni, what i know, me n Nad are gna wear purple dresses! Yaya's gna be blue, Ecah's gna be bunga2.. ai , x sabaaa! sila ke Blog n Facebook ACMA if you wna know more about it ;)

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