been away for awhile coz i've been helping my parents in the boutique. we have a blog btw, which me n Kakja will update from time to time. yesterday i took a bunch of photos of some of the pretty new clothes that just came in the boutique. if i'm hardworking enough, you'll see them tomorrow after i edit them.

bout the previous "guess and you'll get a wallpaper" contest, i've already chosen the winner :D *excited!!!* but, i'll announce it tomorrow as well.

now, i want to spill something. i can't keep it to myself any longer. i wna ask something, why do you took designing course when you don't have the heart to design? do you realize that your works doesn't really make sense? if people tell that to you, what do you do about it? how do improve your design? i guess you did nothing coz you yourself said bab design2 ni malas laa... isn't it just weird to say something like that when you're working in that field? you'd rather waste your time in reading other non-important and insignificant things than to improve your design skills. READ! that's what you have to do! SEE what others have done and try to copy it by innovating it, not straight away copy the whole thing and tuka colour je.. design ape camtu.. you have to know why you design it like that.. i'm saying this not to make you feel bad about yourself. it's just that.. i just wna help people like you to understand that designing is not JUST a plaything.. if it's a nonsense, i wouldn't be filling up my blog with them! that's just ridiculously wasting my time doing something merepek. i blog about it coz i wna share the inspirations i got to all of the people who read this blog, especially my friends. it breaks my heart when people don't appreciate that. i don't mind if there's not much people reading my blog.. i'm just disappointed when someone makes fun of my blog. it's like, all of the effort i've put in it just.. doesn't matter.. maybe i should make this blog private after all.. it even may just save your time from susah payah scrolling and waiting for the whole thing to load, right?

but, ask yourself one thing: if you don't like what people put on their blog, do you think people want to read your blog ke? what if other people are the same as you, malas tunggu blog load, tak suka whatever you write, they'd rather spend time reading something that they like then wasting time on your blog yang doesn't even mean anything to them. how do you think you feel when people tell that to you to your face?

it's not just about reading the blog. it's about encouraging friends in what they do. is this the way you treat your friend?