internship oh internshipus!

What We Look For in Creative Hires

tengok infographic ni rase cam lagi takut nak intern.. can't find a creative idea nak buat resume!! -_______- portfolio pun bertrabur.. camne nk intern neh.. better siapkan sumenye this week!

the image was from Rethink Communications.


Anonymous said...

Actually employers appreciate a clean, straight-forward resume. I'd suggest leaving the creative part to the portfolio, which I think is more than enough judging from your work. :D

mein melon said...

thanx for giving me your advice, whoever you are :)

ilif said...

gud luck with all the portfolio and intern thingie! dah pilih company ke? mesti company power u dpt kan :D

mein melon said...

thanx! yea, i've chosen 1 cool company :D tataula dapat ke x.. esok nk anta resume..