Operation Smile re-branding

Operation Smile Logo

Logo Meaning
Operation Smile is an oraganization that provides a free surgery for children with cleft lips and other facial deformities. These children have insecurites, feelings of humiliation, outcast
and the most excrutiating part is not being able to show what normal children are defined as; happiness. These special children could not smile as good as other children do. Therefore, I want to make these children feel like they belong to this organization, it is their hope and home. The main point I want to achieve here is for them to feel happy each time they see Operation Smile logo.

I choose to incoorperate a clown face and a surgeon’s mask to collaborate the essence of Operation Smile’s main cause: to make the special children smile again by providing a free
surgery for them. The clown face with hidden nose behind the surgical mask is meant to make anybody who sees this logo laugh. This will nurture a warm feelings for the brand in the audience’s heart.

I didn’t want to make the logo too restricted with surgery because it will make the kids feel afraid of such thing. It is not my intend to make them think of scissors, doctors and cutting so much. I just want them to feel happy. I minimized the surgical elements by putting only a little bit of stittches on the drawn mouth on the surgical mask to hint the adults that Operation Smile specializes in giving free surgeries for the special kids.

Tagline Meaning
I chose the word “Repair” for the verb of the tagline because Operation Smile logo whould be able to tell the services that they offer to the public. The children born with facial deformities have longed for a saviour to help their face be normal again. It would change their whole world. Now, Operation Smile is here to help them by repairing their facial structure into a more normal look.

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Brader Bear said...

utk ayat "The children borned with facial deformities have longed for a saviour to help their face be normal again." perkataan 'borned' to salah mein.. 'born' je.. :)

mein melon said...

alamak yea ke.. dh print :(