now it's green webby

i realized that most of my works will be either monotonous orange or green.. i found that orange is so expressive and happy. green has something to do with my birth colour or sumtin..

neway, these are the 3D website that i've designed for the campaign. sume ni x confirm lagi.. i just arrange the layout je dulu.. the interface x siap lagi.. don't worry about those big types.. nanti saye kecikkan yea..

Mainpage - the 3D booth will be in the middle and nanti ade welcome message which says "Energy waste heats up the Earth" and "Save Eectreecity..." our lects sroh pendekkn sket ayat tu sebab mcm byk sangat nak letak 2 sentences besa2 kt mainpage. so, people have to click the booth to enter the website.

About Page - dah click booth tu, the screen will zoom into the About page. ppl can click the booth to get more details about the campaign. page laen pun camni gak lebey kurang.

Merchandise Page - when ppl click on the other page, the booth will be rotated to the page they clicked. ppl can buy our bear-shaped energy saving light bulbs online.

Save & Buy Online Page - when ppl click on the merchandise booth kat atas tu, this page will appear.

Catalogue Page - ppl can browse through the light bulbs according to their types, colours and more.

Light Bulb Details Page - the shopper can view the detail of the product when they click on it. if the shopper likes it, they can click "Add to Cart" button.

Shopping Cart Summary Page - this summary page will appear and they can see what they've put inside their cart. if they're satisfied with it, they can "Check Out"

those are just the planings of the website. i dunno pun the coding for the online buying website tu. yang laen tu bley la buat kot.. either we use an E-COmmerce template or learn the codes.

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