when's the last time you look through a kaleidoscope?

Katerina Orlikova ‘Light & Typography’

i remembered the first and last time i ever did was when i was in standard 6. it was magical~

quoted from Format Magazine:
Although typography is indeed an art form in itself, rarely is it fully utilized as a medium for abstract creations; Katerina Orlikova’s ‘Light and Typography’ series achieves this, taking the finely honed shapes of various typographic sets and using them to generate an ever-changing series of abstract images. Using the medium of a kaleidoscope, Orlikova developed a series of five units each themed around a single typeface, ranging from sans serif to caligraphic; the result are beautifully colorful images that scarcely represent our traditional perceptions of type and how we interpret its design.

these are the images you will see inside the kaleidoscope.

found on Notcot.

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