weird logos and why they worked

i'm working on a new blogfolio. i was inspired by Syrr to reuse my old Melonic Creative blog that i did for Creative Studies as my new portfolio. this is a post i wrote on that blog which would be a waste to delete. so, i put it here.
I found an article at VectorTuts+ that showcases 20 Weird Logos That Work (and Why They Do). Here are some of the weird logos that I found very clever in terms of relating the logo to the company's services. I'd like to throw my point of views based on the descriptions of this logos. I only picked the ones that appealed more to my eyes and brains. you can view the rest of the logos at 20 Weird Logos That Work (and Why They Do).

You might find these logos simple and uninteresting, but once you look closer and think about the abstractness of the logo, you will learn that they posses a very deep meaning. I myself didn't expect for the logo's meaning to be 'that' deep.

Description: The clever execution of the Upside Down logo maintains legibility by manipulating select letters to represent the brand name. By using alternate letters or flipping the orientation of a letter gives an unusual appearance despite being easily reabable.

My Mumbles: The logo still works and easy to be read eventhough some of the letters are upside down. That is because they don't alter all of the letters, only some of them. Plus, the use the right typeface which is Serif. The legibility of Serif are better than the Sans Serif.

Description: A logo that plays in representational symbols while relating heavily to the brand name is the Schizophrenic logo. Being a medical disorder that often depicts split personalities the logo characterises this with simple shapes that depict a happy and sad face.

My Mumbles: Well used of Typography play. Just by using 2 symbols, they manage to create a 2 face expressions that shows 2 types of personality, thus producing that schizophrenic attitude.

Description: The new Museum of London logo first appears to be a collation of current logo design trends, but with deeper inspection and research the underlying meaning of the logo is discovered. The organic shapes that make up the logo represent the history of London, showing its growth over time expanding geographically.

My Mumbles: Once I looked at this logo, I thought "Huh..? what does museum has to do with 'water' (light blue shape) and a bunch of shapes stacking up on top of each other?" When I read that the shapes actually presents the growth of the London expanding geographically, I thought, "Whoa...! I'd never thought of that if I wasn't told about it." The logo still have some characteristics of museum but, to spice it up a bit, they used the elements of geography incoherent of telling the history of London. That's a very meaningful logo , right there.

Description: The Modern Nerd logo makes fine use of negative space to fool the eye into seeing the overall image of a figure, using just the symbolic shapes of hair, glasses and tie it links in well to the stereotypical geek/nerd image.

My Mumbles: Very catchy indeed. Though, the thing to hate for in this logo is that the image of the nerd came before the 'Modern' text. Wasn't it supposed to be Modern Nerd? So, in terms of public's quick recognition of the company's actual name, wasn't too catchy. All in all, the illustration of the hair really help the Nerd to look modern. The colour make it futuristic too. So, in terms of emphasizing that they are focussing on the modern work, they succeeded.

Description: The geometric layout of the Seven and Six logo creates a groovy looking mark that also acts as the graphical alternative of the brand name. Using the numeric figures and the ampersand reinforce the complete worded variations.

My Mumbles: I agree on the groovy part. This logo is clever too because it's coherent with the company name. Furthermore, if people couldn't understand the company's logo, they even included a text saying 'Seven and Six'.


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I liked your commentes, were useful.

mein melon said...

haha did this like 2 years ago when i was just a student. was fond of mumbling a lot of crap back then :p