what's next: iCade!


hahaha! in case you thought this thing was real, it's not. the guys at ThinkGeek were just making fun of iPad since every new gadgets made by Apple kinda look the same only with different sizes. got the news from MadeInEngland.

quoted from ThinkGeek:
After the glow of the initial announcement wore off, many of us came to the conclusion that the iPad was actually pretty useless. "It's a giant iPhone!" some said. Others exclaimed, "WTF, no Flash!?". Still, we knew that most Apple fanbots (us included) would have to have one anyway.
as i'm writing this, i'm watching Band of Brothers' 8th Chapter, eating and developing my new blogfolio. screw Media Law. nah.. i'm gna start doing it tomorrow.. already have some points in my head..

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