just a gist

i like it how a complicated and time-consuming movies get summarized into a simple movie poster. kalau tgk most of Malay movies sume kene ade the whooooole characters who acted inside the movie knelaaa ade skali dlm poster.. kalau x, rase cam dipinggirkan plak kn.. what actually matters is to give just a tiny bit of clue, mystery and excitement when they see the poster. just give them something to ponder upon and wait for so that their urge to watch the movie is building up bit by bit. ini tak, poster ngan ayat n visual macam sparuh masak gaul kat photoshop bg orang tengok..

anyways.. i love these simplified Tim Burton movie posters i found on Fubiz! the colours really suit Burton's dark but humorous movies. there are a lot more of this series on Fubiz. ok ok.. lepas ni bace notes.. esok exam Sound Design..

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