uuh.. can't think of other name for this..

only because the guy from Geekologie had created "Drumbella" name for this Rain Drum Umbrella.. man, that name's good!

wait a minute, wouldn't it be annoying if you're walking along a crowded street in a heavy rain with this Drumbella clinking and clonking? you'd be like a walking trishaw (if that's the English name for beca).

quoted from Geekologie:
The Rain Drum (why didn't you call it the Drumbrella?!) is a conceptual umbrella designed by Dong Min Park to provide a little musical accompaniment to a walk through the rain. You see (or hear!), each section of the umbrella is supposed to make a different drum sound (snare, bass, tom-tom, crash cymbal and high-hat cymbal) when hit by droplets.

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