Save Electreecity Final Website

i've been holding this post for so long. i've put it on my portfolio, but haven't post it here. i've made lots of improvements last sem but that does not include my time management. i broke down a couple of times coz of this assignment. nevertheless, i'm glad i have a great group mate like Ecah to get me through the rough times. i was crying, but she didn't. she was strong and i was... bleuurghh... whatever.. i still can't believe we manage to do this thing. the first time i saw what the seniors had done for this assignment, i was like "whoa... we're gna do that too? are we gna be able to be as good as them? oh, no.. the lecturers said we're supposed to be BETTER! macamane niiiiii..." in the end, WE DID IT!! submitting this work is the best feeling i've ever had compared to the time when i've submitted other works.


Mainpage with Dim Environment (When the switch is clicked)

Website Arrangements & Coding: Me
Images: Ecah
Navigation Buttons: Me
Games: Ecah
Rotating 3D Booth: Ecah
3D Booth Rendering: Me & laptop Liesa :)

wna see the rest of the pages? go to my portfolio.

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