uuu~ a post!

alamak.. kantoi tengah chat ngan Kamil :p~

woah.. my blog looks dusty, huh? it's been a while since i've posted something here. my PC at home had no internet connection and my Cami is living in my office right now. so, i couldn't post anything when i'm free on weekends.

when my internship is done, i'm gna update my blog and portfolio with all of the things i've done while i'm here. working here is so much fun! it's tiring and i've got headaches everyday after i got home but, i don't care! as long as i'm happy with the work i've done and the clients are not moaning for me to repair them, my life is good :)

did i mentioned i went to Seven Collar T-Shirt concert at KLPAC last Saturday?? oh what the heck.. i'm gna tell you again :D it was the most amazing concert experience i've had so far.. the environment was inspirational! it was comfy coz we got to sit on these colourful cushion sofa and we were like 7 rows from the front! the band performed like i've never seen any other bands in Malaysia performed. ala, i don't really attend lots of concert so that's why i say it was the best.

my whole Saturday was amazing coz i get to go to the KLDW conference talk by Digital Malaya Project and see all of these talented famous people in our creative industry picturing some slice of their creative work and process to us. i get to be inspired by their speech and the awesomeness of KLPAC architecture and landscape.. everyday i got to hear inspirational stories from the guys here at Motiofixo. they told me things that i've never even knew exist and they told me about their experiences. i like it when they tell me stories coz it gives me the courage to go on. fuh.. i'm lovin' my internship, man..

these are some pictures that we took last week :D nak tengok, sile click more :)

ni mase celebrate birthday Atiqah kat Kenny Rogers Alamanda. lepas makan kitorg tgk Ip Man yang sangat cool! cheng! hehehehe...

sbelah Shah tu Atiqah, the birthday girl!

Ajindot yang plek sejak kebelakangan ni haha..

Shah cakap i dok sbelah Farizz cam anak dea -______-

Fozzy yang chooomell :p~

gamba ramai2 wajib ade yea kawan2..

ni mase tengah release tension kat office kat cubicle Shah :D dah la sume matching pakai bju hitam same2..

oh! we went to Paris!

haaa.... ni mase sume orang takde kat office.. dah terdatang cepat so ape lagi.. Syira pun ade ni! marila kita b'cam whore!

Illuminati~ kekekeke...

actually, banyak lagi gamba n videos yang kitorg amek.. tapi nantila upload.. now ade kje nk buat.. gamba kat concert Seven Colar T-Shirt pun ade.. i'll upload it later k.. tata!


ABANG SHAH said...

Amboihhhh! buat kerja la!!! :P

mein melon said...

and you stop facebooking!

ajinda said...

i makin pelik ? apa yg peliknye ? :P haha

kamil said...

u bukan tgh chat ngan i la mase tuh.. u tgh chat ngan aaron johnson.. pergh!

mein melon said...

@ajwad peliiiikkkk!

@kamil aaron tu lagi muda drpd u.. jgn nak prasan.. haha..

ajinda said...

i tak pelikkkk :D

mein melon said...

keep thinking that, ajwad :p~