welcomein :)


hehehe... thanks for the cheerful welcome, guys.. had a great first day at Motiofixo yesterday. buat kje the whole day sampai pkol 12am was fun although balik2 rumah je penat n tido trus.. first day dah dpt assignment and buat kje for client. can't tell what it is though :) nanti dah siap korg tgkla. pastu, nnt2 kne blaja maen bolaaaaa... erk.. pastu kt surau pompuan ade byk facial wash berderet on the shelve :p~ oh, i'm gna be given a new nickname. tatau ape lagi, nnt deorg bgtau haha..

btw, the video was made by Fariz :D thanx!


Melati said...

weh ko dah keja ke?

mein melon said...

intern, cik Melati..

KIM said...

mein, tempat you intern ni cam best je.

mein melon said...

yup! sgt best! it's a great playground for a designer :)