cotton candy

Old Blossom Box has got to be one of the sweetest vintage shop i've bumped into. i went by their booth at Urbanscapes last month but i can't spend my money there as i've spent them on my yellow Beetlebee boots :) (yess! i have a name for it now!). so, i took a time to browse through their blog. baju deorg cepat giler abess! geram betol! tapi takpela.. i'm willing to wait.. i waited for almost a month after that to make an online order to Jezmine, the boutique owner. i'm still waiting for her to reply. that was my first ever online order :D

these are the clothes that i ordered:

Katie Candy Bow Top in Pink, RM56
this is how the top fully look like.

but, i ordered the Mint Green one.

this was the top that i saw at Urbanscapes! i'm melting~~ you should've seen it being worn with a peach tutu on the mannequin.. it looked soo lovely..

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