bead it!

i managed to recover my e-mails yesterday. that's why i haven't been updating this blog or my Facebook for quite a long time. not just that, i am currently helping my mom out at her boutique in Bangi. if you're free and wants to splurge your money on some elegant beaded clothes, come and see me at Emas Sutera on the Mezzanine Floor on Kompleks Bangi Utama. i'll be posting a few photos of my beads works. i'm not gna be online so much at night too coz i'm always going to use that few hours before sleeping for sewing beads. if you're interest to have customized beads on your clothes either for raya or just for fun, give me a visit at the boutique! we'll work out some really nice craft for you :) in the mean time, here's what i'm doing after posting this:

i wna add more beads on the pleats of this baju kebaya. been doing it for 2 days now..

i did the beading of this light pink dress for the De Bella Raya Open House last week. i did it for 3-4 days kot..

this is how it looks like after i've finished it.

i did the beading on Papa's baju melayu neck too! the theme was silver and pink. so, to suit the theme and to make Papa punye baju less girly (konon) Mama forced me to sew on the beads.. it looked pretty good!

Papa from afar

Kakja did those pretty little pink beads at the hip of her dress. originally, there was only the big beads on it.


Brader Bear said...

woah cool gile uncle! terbaik!

Ashraf Azlan said...

What happened to your email? My yahoo mail was hacked, orang tu siap buat facebook account lagi XD

.: Zaza hj Zulkifle :. said...

Pink is so the new black haha~

mizz sue said...


mein melon said...

@sirap eh melebey plak hacker tu.. haha.. kesian.. my email, facebook, ym n gmail x bley bukak aritu..

nazira aziz said...

your baju is so pretty!

mein melon said...

@mizz sue @nazira thanx!! baju tu ade satu lagi without beads warna mint green kat butik mak i.. meh dtg tengok :)