"Beads for Heartbeats" brief introduction

* UPDATE: i'd like to thank Ammar who supported me when i was stressing out and helped me to copy paste the things i had to put on the "Beads for Heartbeats" Blog which you guys can't see.. hehe.. thanks Munky.. :)
these past few weeks had been so hectic for any of us in MI Delta 2 or any other majoring. for MI, we have to submit two very important things for our final year project: Report 1 for Design Research and Situation Analysis hard copy, website and slides. yesterday we had to present our SA to the lecturers.

here's the slides i've done for my presentation. click on them for larger images. oh, and.. excuse the use of Verdana.. had to use it since the campaign sponsor is IKEA..


Brader Bear said...

your layout never fail to amaze me..

mein melon said...

alaa simple je ni.. very last minit.. bertrabur adela.. thanx neway... :D

ithinkyouknowme said...

OMGeeee uuu~ tet..tet..tet..tet..tet *bunyi machine bypass*

mein melon said...

hahaha! LIKE! adoi.. tak best plak x bley LIKE2 kat post or comment blog nehh