cute obstruction

had a reeealy stressing day last Wednesday coz had to finish so many things in just a day. suddenly at 3pm my house blackout! -______- i seriously panicked and dunno what to do at that point.. life without electric is no life at alll aaaaa~ tengah buat assignment kottt.

while i was walking to and forth thinking "what am i suppose to do now x457", suddenly i saw a movement at the bottom of my bedroom door. straightly i looked at it and tadaaaa! A CAT! i was like "kucing?? sejak bila aku ade kucing??" rupa2nya ni kucing luar that i've always belai2 whenever i see her outside.. i quickly run to her and grab her.. then i cried.. i've never expected to see such a thing happen while i was stressing out.. God simply has a way to turn stressful moments into cute ones :) i cried for a few minutes while holding her.. she's just sitting on my lap comfortably..


took this when she entered my room.. part yg blurry tu is NSFW skett haha..

i gave her some water and she happily slurped it :) dah la duduk atas katil Ateem..

after a while when i was holding her, she clawed my face!! arrghh! memang berparut sampai skarang.. tapi takpela.. she was cute... haha..

macam mane dea masuk?? haa... my Ucu la.. she can't see very well.. she was jemuring pakaian outside and she let the door open.. so the cat came in.. haha.. senyap2 je kucing ni masuk.. pastu naek trus tingkat paling atas.. apetah..


StalkerSetiaTembikai said...

amboi 3rd pic tu... dah sampai ats katil dh... tak aci ni..

mein melon said...

hehehehe! bukan ateem tido pun atas katil tu..