i felt soo jealous of those people who used space-like visuals, triangles and edgy typeface in their artworks.. so i made one.. i first started this design when i was doing my intern dlu.. then today i finished it.

the meaning..? uuh.. i haven't really thought of that.. maybe you can find something in this picture.. i'll let you decide what it means..


ajinda said...

illuMEINati. haha :P

.the.bapakss!!. said...

hahahah! bahaya neh mein bahaya! nnti ade orng tgk abis u kene kutuk! hahaha :P

mein melon said...

mmmmmmmm......... i delete kaang......

wafa'a said...

jgn2 delete.
dis one is art rite?
mmg sgt2 cool.
if u cn see, pinkfloyd one of freemanson yg segitiga nya cantik skali.
but pemikiran kene jage.
admit dis one is cool lah!

mein melon said...

tak semestinye segi tiga je mesti free mason. it's just a cool shape.