when you were young, your teachers must've asked you that annoying-obligatory-for-all-teachers-to-ask-their-students question: "What do you want to be when you've grown up??" and MOST of your friends must've answered "Doktor, cekguuu!" like i did.. which was stupid really coz i never did want to be a doctor. budak2 yang jawab "doktor" tu mest tak penah terfikir kalau jadi doktor kena blaja tinggi2 gila, dok kat hospital bedah orang, tengok orang mati sume.. agaknye kalau deorang sedar pasal tu, will they still answer "Doktor, cekguuu!"?

nevertheless.. i respect people who pursued their ambitions n are happy with their work now. i bet it's hard to do so.

pape pun, ni nak tnjuk what i really want to do when i get the chance to: design cute stuff like Momiji! i once wanted to design one as an entry for Momiji doll design contest hosted by Don't Panic. but, i didn't. probably coz i wasn't convince with what i can really do at the time. yela.. mase Alpha kot.. ape je la yang aku reti buat.. now when i look at these Momiji dolls that i found at Parkson, KLCC aritu, i asked myself "what if those were my designs?" i'd be so proud kot.. when people are willing to spend their money (that they've worked for and saved for) on things that you've done by yourself, using your idea, it's really fascinating, really. i wna thank all of you who've purchased whatever i've done :)

Momiji have different sets of packagings. all of them are really cute! i can't find any other words to describe them. some people may think what's the use of these dolls? Momiji dolls are message dolls which can store your paper notes inside them. what a cute way to send letters aaawww~

one really fine day, i'm going to open a store where i can sell things that i've created. i dunno what it is yet but, i'm definitely sure they're gna be something cute hehe..

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