photo from Whatelsecanisee by Aled Lewis.

current resolutions: none.
current mode: The Pacific.
current mood: macam nak tembak orang.
current hate: food.
current love: Ammar si monyet busuk.
current thought: money.
current work: tak buat langsung.
current current: terlebey guna sebab asyik mereply orang kat YM n FB n guna iron banyak sangat nk leperkan Beadxels.

Happppi nu yeaah! hope i don't end up like Blinky up there by the end of this year. i ate this with Kamil, Shamin, Alan n Remy during new year:

the plate was bigger than my head! i finished it! 93% la..

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Anonymous said...

hehehe! nu yeah yea.new year sudah tembikai.