FREE Beadxels Keychains!

Bead It Yourself Competition
want them? design them yourself! why green, pink and orange? coz we have lots of those beads we dunno what to do with them. download the design template now and submit to beadxels@gmail.com. read the rules on Beadxels Blog. kamoonnn, people!! it's free ok!

oh btw, our booth can't be open today coz we don't have a table and chairs yet. will open on Wednesday, hopefully..

tomorrow we have to present sketches of our minor projects for our FYP. my minor ones are TVC and Website. yup gna do a big event booth fit for Beads for Heartbeads campaign for my major. i hope it'll rock! my concept is.. "hole".


YobSumo said...

Mein kau tahu aku mmg selalu nak Beadxels kau kan. why not, kau design kan untuk aku. hehehehehe!

eh mein, aku dah ada blog baru :)

mein melon said...

amboih.. nnt bila bella buat bbq aku bawak beadxels g umah dea kau pilih ek :)

YobSumo said...

yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! gumbira gila aku! simpan untuk aku tau jangan kasi dorang ambik semua!

mein melon said...

ngahaha! ok2..