more squares

CyberP is done. now, the world! yup! Pixelotts are gna conquer the world with our handmade Beadxels. exciting! can't wait to graduate and do this for real and kick start the business gear on a high note. thanks to Ecah, Alia and Syira who are on board with me this time around. nope, i'm not doing it on my own. since we're still studying, we still have restrictions and limitations to postage orders, not being able to do larger or lots of custom-made orders in one go.. but, apart from that, we're definitely going to continue serving good and satisfactory pixel art accessories design to our Beadxelicians :) if you wna know what that word means, stay tune on my next post.

i just realize that i haven't really put our new Beadxels designs here on my blog! what a douche! some of you might have never seen them yet so here they are.. some of you who did, thanks for viewing! jangan tengok je. beli la skali :D these are some of the new Beadxels we've made:

you can view more Beadxels on our blog or Facebook. orders can be made through messaging us on our Facebook or e-mail. visit our Order page on how to make an order.

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