the OSM way

i'm thankful to be a muslim. without a doubt, if i wasn't a muslim i think i'd be as juvenile as hell. but, can't say that i'm an all around good person either. there are things that i want to do but i didn't coz of my laziness and proudness got in the way. sometimes i think about the future and how my kids will be like when they grow up. there's so many obstacles and evil stuff lurking around to get the best of people out there. sometimes if feel sad about them coz i think in the future, the world will be more ruthless and it's gna get tougher being a good muslim. even now people who are born muslims doesn't really look and live like one. i hope that my kids and my lil brother will not turn out to be one of those people. i hope that i wouldn't either.

saw this Owh So Muslim site on BrainSPILLS. it's unmistakably as cute as a bunny! it's a great way to educate young minds about Islam. i hope that my lil brother can learn something out of this site. i'm 20 but i still need to learn lots more stuff bout Islam. i know that i need to improve myself to be a better muslim. it's hard to not give in to temptations but, i'm gna try to reduce my laziness and start anew on 2011.

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