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B2uty vs. Echelons

i think i had too much fun last weekend haha.. that's why this week i had to deal with lots of stuff. to be able to stand in the presence of Jared Leto was electrifying! it's indescribable. i'm pretty sure everybody was blown away by 30 Seconds to Mars' performance at MTV Asia World Stage last Sunday. bendenye last sunday, arini baru aku nak tulis.. tak sangka gak ramai yang minat 30STM kat Malaysia ni.. tapi tu la.. Malaysia ni banyak restriction kot sampai Jared tak dapat nak interact sangat with the audience.. pegang flag pun takbley pehal?? haih~ kuat sangat kot aura illuminati deorang sampai deorang tak bagi deorang buat macam2 haha.. nobody dared to crowd-surfing like masa deorang perform kat German tu.. had to admit i kinda dozed off masa Beast perform. eish tak rati la aku melayan K-Pop ni.. dozed off sebab makan panadol 2 biji before pegi pun yea gak.. hehe.. sanggup tu demam2 g world stage.. i just wish i can move closer like right in front of the stage so that bley terasa lagi impact dea.. tapi dapat pergi pun dah syukur sangat haha.. bila je lagi dea nak datang sini kan.. sampai gak hajat nak tengok deorang perform.. Nad plak ilang ntah kemana masa Beast perform haha..

Jared's voice was exactly the same as in their songs. bila dengar je dea nyanyi Escape for the first performance i screamed as loud as i can. i was impressed with Shanon's muscles, actually haha.. suke tengok dea pukul drum tu dengan muscle tangan dea camtu :p~ me n my friends was jumping like crazy cam selama ni tak pnah la lompat camtu haha.. wish i can enjoy the whole thing with all of my closest friends.. ade yang pergi pun dok jauh2 n inform last minit.. kalau tak mesti lagi funnn!

kenapa suka sangat kat 30STM? i can say that Jared's voice is the consolation i seek everytime i have doubt with myself, feel angry like i want to punch somebody, feel disappointed with stupid situations that occurred to me without warning.. i feel a hole in my heart if i don't listen to them in one day. bukan obses.. tapi suka :)

met new friends with the same devotion to 30STM :D 3 of em are budak2 skolah yang awesome haha..

berjaya membawa Beadxels ke MTV World Stage :D hope it'll pop up on the screen when the show airs on MTV this 8th August..

and i get to be near the stage :D

k k dalam gamba tu sume takde Jared Leto.. dalam ni ada :D

pictures n video credit to Wan & Nad.

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