21 candles

dea yang buat cake, dea jugak yang makan :)) thanks baby.. and thanks for all of the wishes, everyone! may God bless you all on this blessed Ramadan. rasanya dah tiga tahun my birthday masa bulan puasa.. Alhamdulillah..

come to think of it, i managed to live till today after three house robbery attempts, one car accident, two fire burning incident, one knife sticked near my pulse, two times terstapler kaki, one time car radiator terkena tangan, two pick-pockets attempts, lots of times muka bercalar lepas tidur, one time termimpi hantu, lots of time terhantuk tepi katil, two times jatuh berdarah kat kepala (still have the scars on my forehead), one time kena drip, one time diarrhea teruk gila and.. hmm can't think of any other dangerous moments.. point is, i LIVED! macam mane tu..

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