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Melon: my symbol in 2007

wee~~!!! my first blog!! can't wait to put all my thoughts, dreams, ideas, mocks, gossips, designs here!!! gaa!! i'm soo excited!! i have lots of time to experiment with this blog.. later i'll customize my own design to make this blog's appearence more 'me'.. wait for it peeps!

everybody keep asking me "what is it with you n watermelon?" well, here's d thing.. when i was in secondary school, i was searching for some logo/icon/symbol to add to my signature. i thought it'd be unique and fun to add some illustration in my signature. at first, i put a skeleton of a dead fish under my signature which actually resembles nothing but me being miserable n smelly... which i'm not, obviously.. den, wen i came to putrajaya, me n my frens used to hang out at alamanda (d one n only shopping complex in putrajaya) alooott.. we always eat at rasa (a food court). that's where it all started (the watermelon thingy..). i started to gain interest with watermelon juice.. i ordered it quite often wenever i order a drink. den it occured to me dat, "hey.. i'm like a watermelon..". 'why?' u say? coz watermelon can be sweet most of the time. but, did u ever drink a rotten watermelon juice....? yeah.. sometimes watermelon juice have dat very weird taste! so from dis, i can say dat i look/behave sweet n innocent most of d times.. but, i'm only human.. i also have imperfections.. like being weird, pain in d ass, snobbish, oblivious towards people n juz plain blurry sometimes..

o yeah, if u luk at d colour of watermelon's flesh, it's red. red's my favourite colour n it describes me as a vibrant, cheerful, mad and angry character. 'you, angry?' you say? okay, i may not be angry always, but hey, how do you know i'm not angry? sometimes i'm just faking it to avoid stupid and annoying conversations.. n not to make u feel better. so, if i say i'm not mad/i don care/whatever~/ntah/apetah/mnde..../papela~, it means, change d topic or try make to make me eppy again or just get away from my face.. don wory, i'm not some kind of human eating watermelon or something.. i can't really be mad at people you know.. i can't really talk bad at people.. i dunno why i cant.. but maybe sometimes i did n i'm sorry.. maybe at dat time i can't controll my anger.. but, most of d times, i'm a very cheerful n funky person.. :)

go retro!


Ashraf said...

angry girls are cute XD

AFY.VFX said...

angry AND little girls are cute XD

mein melon said...

angry little girls looks scarry.. can b a main character in a new horror movie :)