me? a senior??

i'm a BETA student already?? wow! okay, i don't mind goin to class dis week.. but, d prob is.. i already have many things to do! n d things i'm s'pose to do r not even my assignments.. it's fo DJ club.. of course i'm not doin it alone.. but, d works r alot! not dat i dont like to design stuff, i've always fond of doin it, but somehow i feel like working on my first week of being a senior is... 'wrong'... hmm.. i'm not sure that's a correct word of what i'm feeling but, that's kinda like it.. now i'm working on d major design n multipurpose banner fo RMMU.. actually, they gave us d work a looong time ago, but hey, it was holiday.. u know how holidays r like.. u'd like to have fun, relax, watch tv, play games, sleeepp!, shopping, hangout with frens n family, creating a blog! there r endless things i wanted to do on holidays.. i can see the reason why i'm stressed out right now: i procastinate my work! duuh~ that was 1 of our on air topic fo last sem.. haha!

okay.. i better get back to work.. guess i wont be sleeping tonight...

btw, i got an idea fo dis banner. i think i'm going fo a electric+pop+urban+retro look.. i dunno if i can achieve that look. but, i'l try n we'll see.. here r sum of d example of wat i'm talking bout.. it luks kinda tough to do :/ "erk."

images credited to: Google, Malaya Distro, Abstrax Jingga, 84Cube n everybdy else...

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