emas sutera: busana muslim n so much more!

time to get pretty...!

i was following my parents to my mama's boutique d other day.. i was sooo bored.. so i 'stole' my papa's digital camera n took various pictures of d boutique.. i wanted to introduce my mama's boutique to all of u.. my mama's boutique is called Emas Sutera.. ever heard of it? once, there's this tv series on tv3 called samarinda sumtin.. there's a company in d tv show called sutera emas... my mama said they stole her boutique's name... hmm.. i wonder if we can get sum money out of that...

anyways.. my mama sell lots of clothes (jubah, batik, kebaya, pansuit, jubah seluar, baju kurung...), scarfs (tudung bidang, selendang, tudung wardina...), jeweleries (necklace, pearls, bracelets - some done by my sis, bought from china, korea...) n lots of other things like silks, chiffons (is it spelled lke that...?), chinese silk... huh... alott! my parents also join a multi-level marketing business called DCL (de classic life) n gains good money out of it.. i did too.. every month.. maybe u shud join :) u can check it out here: http://www.dcl.com.my/. my parents also sell d products of DCL in the boutique..

here are d photos that i captured wen i was bored.. it's one way to help my parents promote the boutique too.. i love my parents ;) hihihi... o yeah.. WARNING: i'm not a very good photo editor..

popular buys

meet my mama :)

n this is my SUPER MAMA! hehe.. she's a super mama coz she juggles lots of tasks every single day.. so if you come to Emas Sutera Boutique, n bump onto this woman, say you know me n you'd like to get some this discounts.. haha! only if i know you... my mama can also alter clothes.. she always alters my t-shirts, especially those HUGE clubs t-shirts.. that's why whenever you see me in em it looks small.. my mama altered em :) .

for me, it's not too early to get your fabulous clothes for Hari Raya.. come to my mama's boutique n i'm sure you'll fin sumtin you like there! all clothes ranges from sizes XS to XXXL are waiting for you to grab em there! there r plenty scarfs, selendang, jeweleries n pearls to match your outfit! if you know me, you gotta visit my mama's boutique once in your life... ;)

jubah can be dresses ;)

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