Beadxels done!!!

yess!! i managed to do more than 10 Beadxels 2nite! oh.. it's alrdy moning.. watever.. as long as i've done d Beadxels!! most of these i made for my frens.. but, i did another Beadxels wif d same designs to sell.. so, here are the Beadxels!! njoy!

note: some of d Beadxels have holes on em.. d holes are for Keychains / Neck chains.. so, don't worry bout dat..

Beadxels: Space Invaders
Goes to: Bapak, Ajwad, Rubin, Ammar

Beadxels: Pink
Made by: Athirah / Pumkinatory :p~

Beadxels: Lingeries
Goes to: Danny

Beadxels: <uuh.. Lolipop...?
Goes to: Nobody

Beadxels: Cupacakes
Made by: Yaya
Goes to: Ally

Beadxels: Doraemon
Goes to: Hahn

Beadxels: Rainbow + Cloud
Goes to: Aggy

Beadxels: Peace
Goes to: Acap

Beadxels: Blue Gameboy
Goes to: Mawi

Beadxels: Red Gameboy
Goes to: Nabz

p/s: if you want these designs or any other design, i can customize em fo u.. ;) i wna make more of em.. 1 day maybe i'll make 10 of em..

Addicted to Beadxels plak!

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