have some Beadxels!

i'm doin more Beadxels now! sorry coz i don't have d pictures fo d new Beadxels that i made.. i collapsed on d bed immediately after making lots of Beadxels yesterday.. den, when i take it to RMMU Carnival booth dis moning, people alrdy bought em.. den, Fariq took d Beadxels home wif him.. so x smpat amek pic.. i'll update this blog with more pictures of d Beadxels after i've made em, k..

New Price
Hulala Artsy is selling Beadxels with these prices.. i'm gna sell my Beadxels according to these prices too:

Small Beadxels: RM2.00
Medium Beadxels: RM4.00
Large Beadxels: RM5.00
Super Large Beadxels: RM7.00
Mousepad: RM10.00
2 Hulala T-shirts: Free 1 Beadxel! (^.^)

FREE Beadexls!
i'm making FREE Beadxels for my frens.. i'll put d pictures on my blog when i've done all of em.. stay tune!

here are my frens who's gna get FREE Beadxels:

Amar: Monkey face, Space Invaders
Aggy: Cloud+Rainbow
Acap: Peace
Nabz: Gameboy
Bondiva: 'DIVA' word
Ally: Cupacake
Ajwad: Space Invader
Hahn: Doraemon
Danny: Lingerie
Bapak: Space Invader
Kamil: Memphis Bear
Nad: Pacman
Mawi: Gameboy
Rubin: Space Invader
Lana: Black Bearbick Face
Yaya: Apple
Alia: Colourful Ribbon
Sheila: sumtin 70's..
Wan: Digimon
Dy: Rainbow Lolipop

whoever's not on d list, have to pay for d Beadxels..


Alymia Nelyza said...


mein melon said...

yeah! :) fo u la..

Alymia Nelyza said...

oh, why? anyway, thx mein!

mein melon said...

coz u order mse tgh2 free.. if u order skang ni i dh jual dh.. :)