ever got d feeling dat ur life is too predictable??

i am!! i realized dat after i got dis sickness, my life is soo boring.. for example, today.. got up at 8am.. den i ave 2 go 2 class.. it's too predictable! so what i did was.. after ammar woke me up at 8am, i slept again.. hehe.. i waited till 8.40am.. only den i go n take a baf.. den i siap2, go to mmu.. i arrived at Media Authoring class at 9.15 am.. hehe.. at least it's sumtin i don't normally do..

tomorrow.. hah.. cuti! nad said, it's getting MORE predictable when u're on holiday.. coz all u'll wna do is SLEEP! so, i asked ammar to go out tomorrow.. i dunno wat's gna happen.. he said he wna go exercise n play badminton.. adoy.. nk kne maen badminton plak.. i suck at badminton! but, nvmn.. at least i'm gna do sumtin i don't normally do..

n rite now, i'm out of ideas of what to blog about.. i'm gna change dis layout sooner or later coz i'm bored of it..

Out of the Ordinary Stuff You Can Do when You Go To Class
  1. bring a luggage instead of just a backpack.. u can ask ur frens to load all their stuff in ur luggage..
  2. wear a different kind of shoes.. like a flat on ur left leg n a flip flop on ur right leg..
  3. wear sumtin u've never worn before.. if u always wear t-shirts n jeans, why not try to wear a very loud top wif ur jeans.. for guys, maybe u can wear sumtin pink.. fo girls, maybe u can wear dat 80's sequined top.. be wild!
  4. shout in ur class! maybe u can say "dear lecturer, i HATE u!" n let's see wat's d response gna be..
  5. give ur own lecture to class..
  6. act like u r a totally other person for d whole day.. let's say u wna b ET fo a day.. so, dress green o sumtin.. den, if u can't see d screen in front, try to elongate ur neck.. when sum1 ask wat's wrong wif u, say "ET phone home..." den jln la t'kedek2 sane sini.. see how other people wil react to dat..
  7. wear a roller skate to class! dat'll be fun! if u fall down, den u ave a reason to laf bout! den, u don need to be labbelled nuts if u laf alone...
  8. paint ur face blue! if sum1 ask why, sing "i'm blue dabedi dabedai.. dabedi dabedai..."
  9. say nothing but smile.. even if sum1 annoys u.. u juz smile..

maybe u say dis is stupid stuff.. but, stop being a coward n try doing it once in a while.. it'll be fun!


Alymia Nelyza said...

you know what, i, sarah dgn ecah memang dok berangan nak beli rollerskate then jalan2 satu kampus.
fun fun!!

syahir suhaimi said...

wa cabar mu, shout at ur lecturer... ooo bg idea, kna lah buat dlu... nnt post laa ur lecturer's feedback kat cni... then i'll do....

teddy said...

I think there already someone in cyber wearing roller skate to class from FIT!!

nad said...

i'm blue dabedi dabedai dabedi dabedai.hahahahah.mein!review histeria!xDDD

mein melon said...

ooo...! ko cabar aku yea syahir! ok.. nnt dis monday i'll shout sumtin at my lecturer.. no prob!~

nad.. i xnk review histeria.. org2 dlm cter tu dodol2 blake.. haha!