ignorant me

it's already 2009, somehow i think i'll be a much different person this year coz i learned alot last year in just 1 day.. i wna say that i'm trully sorry for all stupid, weird, unreasonable stuff that i did to everyone.. i know i ave a very bad attitude sumtyms.. i trully didn't mean to mke all of u hurt, no, hurting frens are not in my dictionary of life.. pls believe me for dat.. what i wna do is to help u.. but, i guess i've ignored d way all of u feel along d way.. i'm very sorry bout dat...

but, sumtyms, i juz feel soo vulnerable to everyone who are controlling, mocking and toying me around.. i don't feel comfortable wif people who do dat to me.. i ave a very bad histroy bout dat wic i don't ever wna remember again.. dat's why i always fight back.. i promised myself dat i don't wna be a toy to everyone.. i'm a person! but, i'm so sorry if my ways of protecting myself make any of u hurt.. i juz didn't know how to controll myself.. i'll learn bout it from time to time.. i'll mke sure of dat..

i don't realy wna tell wat happen but, i wan all of my frens to know that i'm very protective n caring bout my frens.. u can ask my parents bout how i always got into fights wif em coz of my frens.. my parents kdg2 mara2 my frens but, i always stand up fo my frens.. i don't wna brag.. but, i juz wna tell my frens dat i really appreciate all of u fo being ther fo me.. u dunno how much i love all of u... seriously.. alamak.. wna cry.. but, dat's juz me.. i'm too sensitive..

but, dat doesn't mean dat nobody can tell me face to face bout what i did wrong.. i juz wish dat korg pls tell me right away when i did sumtin wrong..

warn me, please!
mke me realize..
mke me cry!
mke me understand
i don't mind, as long as i can make all of u eppy :)
i love all my frens...

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life is chocolate said...

first post of the year i read that doesn't have a resolution and some sort. But asking for forgiveness and being true..
that a good start of a new year, menarik~

i dont know u much, but i think ur just fine. thumbs up for mein!!!

mein melon said...

:) hee.. thanx ther buddy.. xpe.. lpas ni i write bout my resolutions..