orders r served!

i've made more Beadxels last week.. smpai nk abes dh my Pyssla! ni kne g IKEA bli more Pyssla neh! bt, d finals r coming.. so i tink after finals bru bley g IKEA bli Pyssla (i used Pyssla beads to make d Beadxels)..

btw, i'm sorry fo making ur orders so late.. i've got lots of stuff goin on these days.. aritu sakit.. pastu ngn workloads yg b'lambak.. ngn kne buat ateem (my lil bro) pnye scrap books lg.. so, i'm sorry k..

Beadxels: Rainbow Peace
Goes to: Dy n Sheila (FREE)
Selling Price: RM5 each

Beadxels: Elmo
Goes to: Kevin (FREE)
Selling Price: RM5

Beadxels: DIVA
Goes to: Bondiva (FREE)
Selling Price: RM5

Beadxels: Octopus
Goes to: Kamil (FREE)
Selling Price: RM2

Beadxels: Clowns
Price: RM4 each

Beadxels: Baby Milo
Goes to: Simon (FREE)
Selling Price: RM5

Beadxels: Ice Cream Faces
Goes to: 1 of d Rainbow Ice Cream Face is Yan's (FREE)
Price: RM2 each

Beadxels: Flip Flops wif Initials
Goes to: Haziq
Selling Price: RM4 each

Beadxels: Lightning Bolts
Selling Price: RM4 each

Beadxels: Mike Wazowski Monsters Inc.
Price: RM2

Beadxels: Tulip Beadxels
Done by: Ammar
Selling Price: RM4

Beadxels: Square Face
Price: RM2 each

Beadxels: Rainbow Ribbon
Goes to: Alia (FREE)
Price: RM4

Beadxels: Rainbow Lolipop
Goes to: Syira (FREE)
Price: RM2

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