charcoal and war

sometimes, the minute we watch a movie, we know it's gna be a really good one. i'm talking about a movie that has a really deep, personal connection with the audience. when i watch The Pacific just now, i was like "wow.. you got me at 'hello'". i was reeeally connected with the title sequence. even before the movie begins, it won my loyalty and devotion to watch it whenever it's on. i mean, what a genius idea to use charcoal to depict the grenade explosions, rumbling sound of monstrous army trucks, black sand rain upon the body of soldiers when a bomb hits the ground, the silhouettes of a bunch of armies storming in towards the line, dark emotions surrounding the soldiers as they make their way to the gates of hell, people rolling up torpedos.. i felt all this just by watching the intro. the effects of it was like it came from the "Art of War" book, some Japanese comic drawings, paintings.. it's amazing..

as far as the story goes, it's pretty fun to watch coz, watching all those bullets flying and hearing those heavy gears being pumped got me excited! can't wait to watch the third and fourth chapters. i hope the troops went to Malaya too. waaahh... bestnye kalau Malaysia masuk dalam cter tu.. oops.. mane ade American Army masuk Malaya.. British adela..

PS: wish i can put the title sequence video here.. but, it can't be embedded. you can watch the magnificent intro here!

Why I Love War Movies
  • it's full of surprises
  • it has a lot of emotions
  • i like watching men cry once in a while.. it shows how sensitive they are
  • can't take my eyes of those handsome actors uniforms :)
  • it's real

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