playtime's over

we used to waste lots of our parents money to buy things we don't even care about today, toys. toys helps us develop our interests and all, but dah besar ni rase cam membazir plak bli banyak2 toys. last2 bersepah merata2. though, sometimes i did check into my bro's room and play with my old Snoopy and KFC Colonels' figurines.. most of the times i'll stick my butt on this red chair and surf the net, designs and stuff. who would've thought one day we'd all be devoted to the net than playing our Hot Wheels cars..

me during my 8th birthday :p~ found at Kakja's very very very old 90s blog

neway, it's been a very long wait for Toys Story 3. if i'm not mistaken, i was 7 or 6 when i first watch the movie. it was my 2nd favourite movie apart from Lion King :p~ i'd play it again2 and again.. mane dah pegi tape2 video gedabak tu sume.. i used to build my own fortress with them. susun satu2 the video tapes, buat rumah and hide in them sorang2.. pastu bila my Nenek or Ucu lalu, i'd come out and scare them! hehehe! bestnyeee mase tu... i like playing on my own. i don't remember if i had any 'imaginary' friends. i don't think i have one. but i liked to pretend i'm talking to someone else. i remember i took over the whole living room to build my fortress. then, bila dah abes maen i'd sepak sume video tapes tu, runtuhkan the whole thing wooohooo~!!

ok, enough reminiscing.. banyak kje menanti.. oh, kejap.. ade lagi nk post :p~

Toys Story illustration from Ili's Tumblr.

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