"we used to rock eachother's worlds"

Avril Lavigne and Deryck Whibley used to be my favourite artists when i was in high school. what happened to them? i know they've grown up and all but, they used to rock, man.. now they're just.. two divorcees getting matching tattoos together? how 'loopy' is that? i mean, if you don't wna be together, don't get married. if you wna be together, don't get a divorce! messed up la deorg ni.. to me, the stuff they do is a disgrace to marriage. not just them, Pink, Tiger Woods, Jesse James, Madonna.. ish.. merepek..

photo and news from Yahoo omg!

PS: i noticed that i still have Avril Lavigne's big cut-up poster pasted on my wardrobe's wall.. wow.. it's been there for 4 years already.. so much things happened in 4 years when we thought we're just gna be the same.. i think i'm gna throw away that poster now..

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