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Identity Guidelines for Wavepulse Acoustics Logo

wish i found this logo guideline when i was doing the logo for Operation Smile and Save Electreecity. it tells people the correct way of using the logo. see, each logo have its own standards. if it's not used properly, like stretched or scaled too small, it spoils the company's standards.

quoted from I'm Just Creative:
This guide covers the general construction of the logo, dimensions and proportions. Also includes the additional logo styles such as contained logos, portrait and landscape logos, social media profile images and website favicon. Information on the fonts used as well as a few handy ‘don’t do this with your logo’ examples at the foot of the guide.

This is a neat way to also show the client, at a glance, the level of detail that goes into a logo, the spacing, the alignment, proportions etc. On initial glance, the logo may look simple with a word here and logomark there, there is fine level of detail to ensure the logo looks and feels right.

I will be making a version of this identity guide available as a download, saved in Illustrator CS 4. Any other CS versions will be available on request. This means you can benefit from all my hard work and have a template to base your own guide from. Obviously try to inject some of your own style into it, rather than just using my design. But should be useful to get some of you off your feet in doing your own guides.
that means you can download the logo guide here!

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