bf (blogfren)

this is one of my bf (giler les ngahaha~), Kim from Kreate in Motion :D i never seen her outside of the blogosphere but, last Wednesday she came to Rantai.Art and bought a Cute Face Silver Chain.. i think she has always wanted it.. heee thanx, Kim!

judging from th ephoto above, if my left ear was covered with my hair and my hair is a bit short, we kinda look the same, kan?? haha!

she said she wore the Beadxels straight away. the feeling when someone appreciate your work is one of the most satisfying feeling ever. thank you to everybody that supported us and bought our Beadxels :D we heart you!


kim said...

mein, I came last saturday not wednesday. hehe anyway, kalau nak customize beadxel ni bentuk my logo macam best je.

mein melon said...

oops! sorry.. pelupa... ha! now we have a contest! designla your logo using only green, pink and orange! nnt dpt 3 beadxels keychains FREE!